Offering a burst of floral freshness, Blue Colour EDP is a supreme quality perfume for women. Urban from the house of Lyla Blanc London is an international perfume brand that is well known for its wide variety of elegant fragrances. Blue Colour EDP is popular, especially for its intense floral fragrance. A product of the Floral family, Blue Colour EDP offers an aromatic freshness that lasts all day long. The top note is dominated by cinnamon and bergamot, providing a burst of strong spicy fragrance. The middle note arouses a flowery cologne as it accommodates the elements of Jasmine, Lavender and Geranium. Last but not the least, the base note includes traces of Vetiver and Musk elements. The perfect compilation of all the three notes together gives this perfume an enticing aroma.
Private Green is an everyday perfume from the house of Lyla Blanc, London. It is prepared with a blend of refreshing ingredients that offer a blast of freshness on the go. Each note brings together some refreshing elements that make this perfume a go-to option for energized freshness. The top note is a blend of citrus, lemon, lime and aquatic, offering a citrusy fresh initial aroma along with great sweat control. Lavender, green, muguet, and jasmine from the middle note add a floral touch, giving a blossoming after-effect to the top note. The base note comprises of earthy elements like musk, moss and sandalwood that give a rustic end to the perfume. Placed under the category of daily perfumes, Private Green offers a mystic freshness that tends to last throughout the day.
Presented by the brand Club from the house of Lyla Blanc, Red EDP is a perfume range that offers an enticing concoction of floral and woody fragrance. Whether you’re hosting a formal party or a casual get together at home, Red EDP is a perfume that can be adorned for every occasion. Having originated from the Floral Family, this perfume imparts a soothing aroma. Composed of elements including aldehyde, citrus and cardamom, the top note delivers an initial citrusy incense. The middle note highlights a floral essence as it incorporates Jasmine and Rose. Finally, the base note is entirely dedicated to offering a woody fragrance as it includes traces of Sandalwood and Musk. An enchanting floral fragrance complemented by a long-lasting effect, Red EDP is the preferred choice of perfume amongst women of all ages.
Featured in the list of the top-rated perfume brands, Club from the house of Lyla Blanc is popular for its wide assemblage of premium perfumes. Blue EDP is one of the innovations of this renowned perfume brand. Originating from the family of Oriental Spicy, this perfume has traditional spicy elements infused that are capable of producing a strong yet spicy fragrance. The top note includes elements of bergamot and lemon mingled in the ideal proportions for you to experience that initial tangy fragrance. Galbanum and Clary Sage form the middle note that for a spicy aroma. Lastly, Oakmoss and Cedar contribute to producing the base note, which has an earthy fragrance. A blend of these notes concocts a fragrance that is a treat for the wearer and the admirer alike.
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