Experience the poise and elegance of VOYAGE perfume with tremendously appealing scent. The delicate and ethereal top notes of red berry and peach followed by the unique and subtle green and floral middle notes add charm and grace to your sumptuous personality. The soft and woody base note of musk is a freshening experience full of elan and finesse that is attractive and seductive at the same time. This astounding women's perfume takes you to magical places of luxury and style and helps express yourself perfectly. Be the enchantress with VOYAGE perfume.
LAVENDER MIST is a graceful perfume scent which exudes an aura of elegance and glory. While the woody fragrance scent dominates, this gem of a perfume has exotic top notes of armoise and eucalyptus that unveils the splendour and magnificence of your pleasing personality. The intriguing and effective middle notes of lavendin and orange blossom followed by the dazzling base notes of oakmoss and sandalwood has a mesmerizing and scintillating effect that enhances your beauty. Calm your mind with the delicate, gentle and soft mixture of the distinguished scents and be appealing all the time with LAVENDER MIST.
GLAMOUR is a remarkable, seductive and sweet perfume fragrance for occasions like parties. The incredible and intense top notes of orange, raspberry and neroli evokes a celebratory mood instantly. The zesty and fiery middle notes of jasmine and gardenia surrounds you with confidence, style and glamour followed by the splendid and fascinating base notes of honey, patchouli and sweet notes which are so wonderful that it leaves everyone around you wonderstruck. Wear the breathtaking, intense and truly distinct scent of GLAMOUR that complements your style statement and become the life of any party.
A truly captivating and alluring perfume for women, the FLEUR-ESSENCE perfume is a vibrant and modern floral fragrance scent that celebrates femininity. The unusual medley of top notes boasts of Parma violet, hawthrone and cassis that creates an invisible spectacle that is truly a wonder. The dainty and soft middle notes of orange flower and rose followed by the marvellous base notes of vanilla, white musk and sweet spices are a delight that soothes the senses in celestial ways. Add charm to your beauty and dazzle everyone with the perfect FLEUR-ESSENCE perfume for women.
The explosive and sophisticated fragrance of WILD FLOWER is a refreshing perfume for modern day women. The exciting and radiating floral and fruity combination of top notes explores the deepest passions and strength of women. The fresh and powdery middle notes of gourmand when blends with the lively, earthy and musky base notes create a matchless sensation with a distinct aroma that is suave and refined. It is for the dynamic women who are intelligent, powerful and extremely lovely at the same time. Empower yourself with the depth and warmth of this stylish and engaging WILD FLOWER fragrance that accentuates the power of women.
PASSION is an inimitable perfume fragrance which manifests the precious blend of sophistication and elegance. The craft includes the fascinating and awe-inspiring top notes of apple, cucumber and ozone which are highly refined and polished exhibiting the present day values and ethos of society. The exciting and vibrant range of middle notes comprises of violet, tagette and white flowers and the precious and sensual base notes of amber and musk captivates the mood of modern-day men. The PASSION perfume is an enchanting and luxuriant piece of art made by perfume architects that fills you with awe and excitement forever.
ULTRAVIOLET perfume is purely a feminine fragrance with an excellent touch of sensuality and warmth. The remarkable and precious top notes of plum, peach and orange blossom engulfs you with energetic and lively feeling throughout the day. The enticing and effective heart notes of tuberose and white flower are scintillating and fabulous in every sense and the fresh and tangy base notes of vetiver and sandalwood are uplifting and revitalizing, perfect for daytime wear. Wear the classic and fresh scent of ULTRAVIOLET perfume and amplify the feminine quality that defines you.
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