Afzal Premium Jameel is an alluring perfume variant from Afzal Premium. The ingredients of this perfume spray combine citric, floral and earthy components that give Jameel a strong yet pleasant rustic aroma. Infusing lemon and bergamot, the top note gives a burst of fresh critic aroma. The middle note greets you with a pleasant flowery fragrance combining rose, jasmine and geranium. The base note infuses musk, amber, vanilla and oudh, leaving a pleasantly earthy aroma. Afzal Premium Jameel is a long-lasting and exquisite perfume that comes from the fragrance family of Oriental. This rich and exotic perfume spray variant is suitable for both, men and women. Suitable for all occasions, just a splash of premium Jameel perfume can set you apart from the crowd.
Rahama is a luxurious perfume from Afzal Premium that offers an exquisite fragrance with the power to captivate your senses. Belonging to the Floral family, each note of Rahama is soaked in floral and earthy essences that keep the freshness intact. The top note is a floral amalgam of peach, ylang, and orange blossom that provides a soothing initial aroma. The middle note is composed of carnation, jasmine and rose that further accentuate the pleasant fragrance of the perfume. Musk, moss and sandalwood are those earthy elements that form a rustic base note and formulate the final base of this exquisite concoction. Whether you choose to gift it to a loved one or adorn it for an evening party, Rahama is the ideal splash of luxurious fragrance and floral freshness on the go.
Symbolizing the splendour of regality, Noor is a perfume variant from Afzal Premium Noor. It belongs to the fragrance family of Oriental. The ingredients of this perfume are dominated by rustic components that are pacified by mellow compounds, giving it a unique scent. The top note combines moss, vanilla and orris giving out a strong earthy aroma. With the middle note, you get a floral aroma that comes from the blend of lilly, rose and balsamic. The final note includes sandalwood, cedarwood and oudh that leaves a soothing earthy scent at the end. The blend of rustic ingredients in this perfume variant is what gives its fragrance a royal character. Perfect for any occasion, Afzal Premium Noor is a unisex perfume that is bound to accentuate your personality.
A premium blend of fresh and pleasant ingredients, Afzal Premium Mudhakir is a perfume variant. This perfume variant belongs to the family of Floriental Woody. The top note of the perfume blends saffron and bergamot that gives a mellow citric scent. The middle note includes rose and muguet that subdues the citric scent and gives out a floral aroma. The base note combines spicy, sandalwood, amber, and patchouli, leaving a pleasant earthy fragrance in the end. Afzal Premium Mudhakir is the ideal perfume for daily wear. It is long-lasting and suitable for both, men and women alike. Blending each note with earthy and floral essences, Mudhakir is undoubtedly a luxurious perfume that you can prefer every time you step out. And a quick splash of is all you need to feel fresh and vivacious all day long.
Afzal Premium Aseel is a strong perfume variant that blends a wide range of exotic ingredients. The top note is a blend of orange and bergamot that gives the first splash of citric freshness. The second note brings a floral twist with a combination of rose, violet, and clove that exudes a flowery fragrance. The base note includes musk, amber, and cedarwood giving out a rustically pleasant aroma. This amalgamation of different ingredients gives this perfume spray a distinctive fragrance. Afzal Premium Aseel is a perfume variant from the family of oriental wood. This long-lasting perfume can be adorned by both, men and women on any occasion. Afzal Premium Aseel is a luxurious perfume variant that boosts your confidence and makes you feel elegant.
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