Swagger Pocket Perfume is a majestic fragrance scent with sumptuous and prolific notes of dry wood, tobacco and moss which blends with the powerful and seductive medley of mandarin, apple and violet flowers. The sophisticated perfume is one of a kind gem which oozes masculinity, class and charm that defines your macho personality. The contemporary scent excludes perfection and makes romantic evenings with your partner amazing and simply sensational. Drape yourself with the wild scent of Swagger Pocket Perfume to captivate one and all.
Legend Pocket Perfume is a pleasingly rich fragrance with the excellent mix of lemon, rosemarry and orange blossom as top notes which harmoniously blend with the sensational middle note of Lavender, nutmeg and coriander to give a heavenly aroma that attracts attention. The zesty base notes of tonka bean, musk and oakmoss converge to present an inviting scent filled with passion. The long lasting perfume enchanting and contains a certain sense of mystique that baffles everyone around you. The Legend Pocket Perfume is classic in nature made by perfume architects.
The exhilarating fragrance of Musk Pocket Perfume is perfectly crafted with the fresh and exciting notes of exotic spices, magnificent woodsand ever enthralling musk notes helps you stand out of crowd. The magical combination mingles with your natural body chemistry to give out irresistible aroma that is sure to make others go gaga over you at parties. Seductive in nature, this truly blissful and masculine scent is long lasting and appeals to the opposite gender in a thrilling fashion. Be unique and mesmerize everyone around you with the defining fragrance of Musk Pocket Perfume.
Experience the best what life has to offer with the scintillating fragrance of Noir Pocket Perfume. The splendid top notes of bergamot, rosemary and lavender and the dazzling middle nots of cardamom, geranium, vetiver and cedar combine to surround you with untold and yet unknown aura of sophistication and style. The gorgeous base note of citrus and floral keeps you feeling fresh, clean and confident all day long. The stunning synergy of class and comfort is heightened by its long lasting characteristics. Live life, live more with the unbeatable fragrance of Noir Pocket Perfume.
Black Night Pocket Perfume is a fine fragrance which expresses urbanity and elegance to its fullest. The unique and refined notes of bergamot, mandarin and litchi are followed by the majestic notes of jasmine and lily which radiates the essence of prestige and class. The tantalizing musk, amber and woody base notes are breath taking in nature engulfing you with pride and makes you invincible. Wear the suave perfume scent of Black Night that brings out your gracious personality to the fore.
Carry a touch of elegance and opulence with the enchanting fragrance of Fashion Pocket Perfume. The plush combination of raspberry and pepper as top notes takes your style a notch higher. The resplendent middle notes of rose and gardenia along with floral aroma exudes glamour which makes other envy you. The impressive base note of musk enhances your fashion statement and makes your irresistible. Live the life of fashionista and be the trend setter with the swanky new Fashion Pocket Perfume.
The luscious fragrance of Angel Pocket Perfume with exceptional long-lasting characteristics is a delight to use every day. At the heart of this splendid fragrance are the sweet and aromatic notes which give an exuberant feeling, uplifting and refreshing the body and mind. The sweet and unique fragrance is highly effective in keeping you cool and clean all day long with its long lasting power. Awaken your senses with this vivacious Angel Pocket Perfume which keeps you buoyant and enthusiastic all day long.
The extraordinary Summer Pocket Perfume with unique and expensive top notes of tangerine followed by the splendorous middle notes of wild rose, peach and hyacinth is a treasure that manifests itself in all its glory when applied on your skin. The pleasant base notes of cedar wood and sandalwood makes this perfume scent a refreshing one which makes life easy in summers. The subtle notes are very appealing to the senses and offer a feeling of satisfaction and confidence at your office. Feel royal with this quintessential Summer Pocket Perfume.
The sparkling fragrance of Crush Pocket Perfume consists of a rich and powerful mix of sweet and fruity notes followed by the distinct and alluring citrusy and woody notes. The provocative perfume notes evoke a sense of fun and celebration intertwined with a scintillating aura of refreshing and sensual touch on the skin. The long-lasting scent is a delight to wear on every occasion and turns heads instantly as you step into the room. The timeless charm of Crush Pocket Perfume fills you with a world of infinite energy and keeps you lively all day long.
Desire the most desirable and stunning fragrance of Touch Pocket Perfume which makes you fall into a reverie. The fascinating top notes of black current when mixes with the spectacular middle notes of rose and jasmine radiate a soothing sensation to your whole self and takes you into an enchanting state. The striking and superb base notes of amber, patchouli and vanilla mix together to revitalize and refresh you. The classy scent of Touch Pocket Perfume captures the attention of everyone at the parties, get-togethers and audaciously puts all the limelight on you.
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