HOTT Musky Marble Perfume Body Spray for Men & Women - 120 ML

TOP NOTE : Aromatic, Lavender, Lemon
MIDDLE NOTE : Cardamom, Cinnamon Orange Blossom
BASE NOTE : Sandal, Tonka, Vanilla, Amber
PACKING : 72 Bottles Per Carton
  • A perfect blend of spicy and warm ingredients
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • A deodorant for any occasion
  • A perfume spray from the house of Woody Spicy

House Lyla Blanc introduces Hott Musky Marble from the family of Woody Spicy. This perfume spray offers a natural and earthy fragrance. There is an interesting blend of strong and mellow ingredients t...hat keeps the aroma balanced and pleasant. The top notes include strong aromatics and lemon that is balanced by a sweet flavour of lavender. The middle note includes cardamom, cinnamon, and orange blossom, giving out a perfect blend of rustic and citric aroma. The final note is dominated by sandal, vanilla, tonka, and amber, giving out a warm and pleasant fragrance. Hott Musky Marble is a unisex perfume that can be adorned on any occasion (day and night). The affordable price tag of this perfume spray further makes it a winsome option.

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