AFZAL Non Alcoholic Sirmiri Deodorant 200 ML

PACKING : 48 Bottles Per Carton

    A proud fragment of the luxurious perfume brand Afzal Premium, Sirimiri is a fragrant concoction that offers a mystic aroma in every splash. Belonging to the family of Floriental Floral, Sirmiri is a ...blend of those blossoming and earthy elements, offering a unique and exquisite aroma. The top note is a citrusy floral blend of bergamot, mandarin and white floral that creates a base of an initial floral fragrance. Moving further to the middle note composed of peony, rose, orris and aldehyde, Sirmiri aims to extend its floral freshness till its final note. Musk, sandalwood, amber and vanilla together produce an exotic earthy aroma that tends to provide a long-lasting rustic scent. With such a unique infusion of notes that release distinctive fragrance one after the other, Sirimiri is undoubtedly the perfect offering of an intense and elegant perfume packed in a bottle.

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