AFZAL Non Alcoholic Musk Amber Deodorant 200 ML

PACKING : 48 Bottles Per Carton
  • The WHITE MUSK Arabic fragrance with its heavy and dense properties is creates a perfection of fragrance.
  • Wonder that fascinates and captivates everyone around you.
  • Date or a romantic evening, this fragrance deodorant will surely mesmerize your love.
  • The unique combination of floral and rosy notes creates an aura of affection and intimacy.

If you want to make yourself irresistible at every occasion, the MUSK AMBER Arabic fragrance with its heavy and dense properties is perfect deodorant for you. This deodorant contains an exotic top not...e of Kewda and the unique mixture of attractive floral and earthy notes that create a tempting and inviting sensation. Increase your attraction quotient and entice others with the powerful and compelling scent of MUSK AMBER deodorant. This non-alcoholic deodorant with Triclosan formula and 200 ml packaging resists the sweat and makes you even more appealing.

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