Urban is a brand renowned for its collection of top-class perfumes, recognised for offering exotic fragrances. Coffee Colour EDP from the house of Lyla Blanc London is one fragrant offering from this popular collection. It is a unisex perfume variant entitled to provide a citrusy kick with a whiff of spicy essence. Coffee Colour EDP is a part of the Fresh Spicy family. Each note is focused to give out a mesmerising aroma. The top note comprises of Ozone, bergamot and lemon together offer the initial citrusy fragrance. Furthermore, the middle note adopts the essence of carnation and cinnamon. Lastly, the base note offers a blended fragrance of Sandalwood and Musk, which gives an earthy end aroma to the perfume. Its because of the perfect blend of all these elements that Coffee Colour EDP is the preferred perfume for daily freshness.
If you've got that affinity for rustic aroma, Brown Colour EDP is the perfume to keep an eye on. Brown Colour EDP from the house of Lyla Blanc London is a premium fragrance presented by Urban. Belonging to the family of Floral Woody, this perfume is an infusion of floral and woody scents. Elements used in the perfume are focused to enhance the long-lasting woody aroma with a floral vestige. The top note highlights the fragrance of agarwood and cardamom, while the middle note emphasizes on the scent of Rosewood. The base note, on the other hand, is an amalgam of sandalwood, vetiver and tonka bean fragrances. An elegant offering from the Urban assemblage, Brown Colour EDP is a fragrance that signifies luxury, grandeur and sophistication - a trove of fragrance.
Offering a burst of floral freshness, Blue Colour EDP is a supreme quality perfume for women. Urban from the house of Lyla Blanc London is an international perfume brand that is well known for its wide variety of elegant fragrances. Blue Colour EDP is popular, especially for its intense floral fragrance. A product of the Floral family, Blue Colour EDP offers an aromatic freshness that lasts all day long. The top note is dominated by cinnamon and bergamot, providing a burst of strong spicy fragrance. The middle note arouses a flowery cologne as it accommodates the elements of Jasmine, Lavender and Geranium. Last but not the least, the base note includes traces of Vetiver and Musk elements. The perfect compilation of all the three notes together gives this perfume an enticing aroma.
Saviour Black from the House of Lyla Blanc is a premium fragrance that gives you a feel of sophistication and elegance. The amalgamation of unique ingredients, blended and assorted in various notes is what gives Savour Black its rich aroma. The top note blends saffron, raspberry and thyme that gives out a fresh and citric scent. The middle notes including Olibanum and Jasmine give a flowery and sweet twist to the aroma and kick in slowly. The last note offers a surprise twist with a mellow rustic aroma of bottom note that includes Leather, Suede, Amber, and Wood. Coalescing such interesting scents together, Saviour Black is a perfume that can be applied on by both, men and women, giving the host a rich and refreshing feel throughout the day.
Known to introduce a range of premium everyday perfumes, Saviour from the house of Lyla Blanc welcomes Saviour Blue, a refreshing perfume spray into its collection. Each note of Saviour Blue is focused on adding a floral essence to the perfume. The top note of this perfume comprises of lavender, bergamot and mint that are ideal for enhancing its freshness quotient. Right after the top note, patchouli, jasmine and honey create an intensely aromatic middle note. The final note yet again blends these essences (patchouli, jasmine and honey) leaving a subtle yet floral fresh base scent. With an amalgam of floral and stimulating elements like mint and jasmine, Saviour Blue is placed under the category of everyday perfumes that offer a blast of freshness with each spray.
Private Green is an everyday perfume from the house of Lyla Blanc, London. It is prepared with a blend of refreshing ingredients that offer a blast of freshness on the go. Each note brings together some refreshing elements that make this perfume a go-to option for energized freshness. The top note is a blend of citrus, lemon, lime and aquatic, offering a citrusy fresh initial aroma along with great sweat control. Lavender, green, muguet, and jasmine from the middle note add a floral touch, giving a blossoming after-effect to the top note. The base note comprises of earthy elements like musk, moss and sandalwood that give a rustic end to the perfume. Placed under the category of daily perfumes, Private Green offers a mystic freshness that tends to last throughout the day.
Private Black from the House of Lyla Blanc is a luxurious perfume variant. The fragrance incorporates rustic as well as sweet ingredients perfectly blended across various notes. The top note includes Tobacco Leaf, Spicy Note, Orange, and Saffron giving out a lascivious aroma. The rustic scent gets even more powerful with the middle notes that include tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, and cocoa. The bottom note offers a rustic aroma but with a fruity scent that incorporates leather, woody, and dried fruits. The intensity of strong ingredients are perfectly balanced by the subtle and sweet contents, creating a unique blend of two different fragrances. Enriched with strong rustic and subtle ingredients, this perfume is an evening perfume that can be adorned by both, men and women alike.
Parallel from the house of Lyla Blanc, London, brings to you Parallel Brown, a premium luxury perfume that offers a floral fruity fragrance with a long-lasting effect. Belonging to the Floral Fruity family, Parallel Brown perfectly blends some floral and fruity elements for a unique blossoming aroma. The top note is prepared with fruity essences like grapefruit, marine note and mandarin, that make up the fruity initial base of the perfume. Moving forward, the middle note is dominated by a single element - Jasmine, that perfectly subtles down the fruity base with a floral essence. The base note comprises of patchouli, oakmoss, amber and guaiac wood, creating an ideal base that adds the long-lasting effect to the perfume. Whether itís the intensely rich fragrance or the long-lasting effect, Parallel Brown abides by all your perfume requirements.
Parallel, a premium perfume range from the house of Lyla Blanc, London presents Parallel Black, that promises a splash of aromatic citrusy fragrance with great sweat control. Each note comprises of some citrusy and earthy elements that help in preparing a unique concoction of refreshing and long lasting fragrance. Though placed in the category of luxury perfumes, Parallel Black can be used as an everyday perfume for a refreshing and long lasting freshness. The top note is prepared with a blend of citrus, lemon, bergamot and pomegranate that offers a citrusy and long lasting initial aroma. Rose, peony, jasmine, and orange blossom are the floral essences that make up the floral middle note of the perfume. The base note is an earthy blend of sandalwood, moss, musk and amber that contributes to the rustic and earthy end aroma.
An offering by Club, Yellow EDP is an aromatic cologne with a sweet flowery fragrance. Coming from the Sweet Chypre family, Yellow EDP from the house of Lyla Blanc is a perfume with a floral scent that lasts long. Each note of yellow EDP brings together some earthy and floral elements to offer a blossoming freshness and great sweat control. This classic fragrance has a blend of Citrus and Jasmine for the top note that gives away a citrusy initial aroma. A combination of Rose, Tuberose and Freesia contribute to the middle note, which enhances the floral quotient of the perfume. Sandalwood, Patchouli and Amber in the final note offer a soothing woody finish to the fragrance. The citrusy and floral essences of Yellow EDP make it an ideal pick for long-lasting and earthy freshness.
Presented by the brand Club from the house of Lyla Blanc, Red EDP is a perfume range that offers an enticing concoction of floral and woody fragrance. Whether youíre hosting a formal party or a casual get together at home, Red EDP is a perfume that can be adorned for every occasion. Having originated from the Floral Family, this perfume imparts a soothing aroma. Composed of elements including aldehyde, citrus and cardamom, the top note delivers an initial citrusy incense. The middle note highlights a floral essence as it incorporates Jasmine and Rose. Finally, the base note is entirely dedicated to offering a woody fragrance as it includes traces of Sandalwood and Musk. An enchanting floral fragrance complemented by a long-lasting effect, Red EDP is the preferred choice of perfume amongst women of all ages.
Featured in the list of the top-rated perfume brands, Club from the house of Lyla Blanc is popular for its wide assemblage of premium perfumes. Blue EDP is one of the innovations of this renowned perfume brand. Originating from the family of Oriental Spicy, this perfume has traditional spicy elements infused that are capable of producing a strong yet spicy fragrance. The top note includes elements of bergamot and lemon mingled in the ideal proportions for you to experience that initial tangy fragrance. Galbanum and Clary Sage form the middle note that for a spicy aroma. Lastly, Oakmoss and Cedar contribute to producing the base note, which has an earthy fragrance. A blend of these notes concocts a fragrance that is a treat for the wearer and the admirer alike.
Enriched with fresh fruity ingredients, Naughty Girl Woo the Diva is a long-lasting women's perfume. From the House of Lyla Blanc London, this perfume belongs to the fragrance family of Fruity. The top note includes plum and chamomile that gives a pleasant fruity scent. The refreshing scent is further accentuated by the sweet florals that are blended in the middle note. The base note combines spicy twists that deliver a rustic touch to the fruity aroma. A single splash of Naughty Girl Woo the Diva perfume spray can make you feel daisy fresh and vivacious throughout the day. This perfume spray is priced very reasonably and can be adorned by women on any occasion. Whether you are at the office or attending a party, a splash of this perfume can help you stand out from the crowd.
Exuding a garden fresh fragrance, Naughty Girl Purple Quartz is one of the popular perfume spray variants from the House of Lyla Blanc London. There is a rich concoction of flowery ingredients, exuding a fresh scent that gets accentuated with each note. The top note is a combination of lavender aromatic and green, giving a strong gust of floral fragrance. The middle note includes orange blossom, rose and lilac that offers a mellow fruity scent. The base note blends balsamic sandalwood, moss musk, and amber that delivers a floral scent with a touch of a rustic aroma at the end. Ideal for any occasion, Naughty Girl Purple Quartz is a long-lasting and cost-effective perfume spray for women. From the family of Floral, a splash of this perfume is all you need to stay fresh all day long.
Naughty Girl Pour Me Red is an exotic perfume spray from the House of Lyla Blanc, London. It blends a sweet, spicy, and earthy ingredient that gives an enchanting aroma. The top note includes freesia, plum and chamomile that deliver an alluring scent. The middle note combines sweet florals giving out a floral aroma. The base note includes spicy twists and green grass that leaves a warm earthy scent. With each note delivering a unique scent, Naughty Girl Pour Me Red is truly an enticing perfume spray. This women's perfume can be adorned on any occasion and comes with a reasonable price tag, making it a viable option. The different notes are perfectly blended together to give a rich floral aroma with a touch of spicy fragrance at the end.
Exuding an aroma boasted with refreshing essences of nature, Naughty Girl Morning Dew is ideal fragrances to kick start your day. From the House of Lyla Blanc London, it is one of the most popular scents for women. This perfume spray belongs to the Fruity Floral family. The top note combines pineapple, pear, and orange to give a fresh citrus aroma. The middle note blends rose, peach, blossom, and lily that give a flowery scent. The base note brings an interesting combination of amber, white musk, cedarwood that gives a flowery aroma with a touch of rustic scent to it. Along with such a unique scent, Naughty Girl Morning Dew perfume spray is long-lasting and reasonably priced. Whether you are out and about in the day or attending a night party, this perfume is suitable for all occasions.
Naughty Girl Miles in Gold is a rich fragrance by the House of Lyla Blanc London. With a blend of citric and earthy ingredients, this perfume spray adds the right amount of freshness to your day. The first note includes lemon, orange and sage that gives the first burst of strong citrus fragrance. This strong scent is balanced in the second note that combines cinnamon, cardamom, and praline to give a mellow and pleasant fragrance. The base note brings a combination of patchouli, amber and rosewood, giving a pleasant floral and earthy aroma. Incorporating citrus ingredients, Naughty Girl Miles in Gold is an ideal perfume for daytime. This affordable womenís perfume leaves you feeling fresh and vibrant all day long with just a few sprays.
From the House of Lyla Blanc London, Naughty Girl Guess Who is an exotic perfume spray variant. This women's perfume belongs to the fragrance family of Woody Spicy. The blend of spicy and earthy ingredients gives this perfume spray its rich aroma. The top note includes cumin seeds that give a strong earthy fragrance. The strong scent is highlighted in the middle note that combines oudh and smoky ingredients. The base note includes vetiver and cedar wood that delivers a strong yet pleasant nature-like aroma. Naughty Girl Guess Who overall offers a strong and soothing rustic aroma that adds a touch of mystery to the personality. Suitable for night gatherings, this perfume spray is long-lasting and priced impressible at a reasonable range.
Naughty Girl Flirt in Pink is a perfume spray from the House of Lyla Blanc London. It belongs to the family of Floral Fruity. A connotation of ingredients in this perfume gives a fresh summery aroma. The top note includes orange, rose and mandarin exuding the first splash of a floral fruity fragrance. Soon, the middle note kicks in that includes orange blossoms and honey, giving a more mellow fruity aroma. The base note includes patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver that leaves a very subtle and soothing scent. It is a strong perfume and a few sprays is all you need to feel fresh and lively all day long. Naughty Girl Flirt in Pink is an affordable perfume for women that can be adorned on any occasion.
Naughty Girl Brown Beach is a perfume spray from the House of Lyla Blanc London. The blend of ingredients in this perfume gives a refreshing fragrance that resembles the morning beach. The top note blends floral and fruity ingredients that deliver an exotic aroma. The middle note adds a touch of earthy aroma with woody and musky ingredients. The base note blends leafy and floral ingredients that leaves a soothing fragrance in the end. The concoction of this perfume spray offers a burst of freshness that keeps your vivacious all day long. Naughty Girl Brown Beach perfume spray comes with a reasonable price tag, making it a more viable option. All you need is just a few splashes of this strong perfume spray before you head out for the day.
Naughty Girl Blooming Blue is an exotic perfume spray from the House of Lyla Blanc London. This strong perfume spray belongs to the fragrance family of Spicy. The fusion of spicy and mellow ingredients gives the perfume its unique aroma. The top note blends fresh bergamot, mandarin and basil delivering a pleasant citrus fragrance. The middle note combines oriental jasmine, cardamoms and ginger giving out a rustic scent. The base note includes sweet vanilla, soft musk and cedar wood that leaves a spicy and earthy scent. Naughty Girl Blooming Blue perfume spray comes with an affordable price tag and is suitable for night occasions. This womenís perfume is boasted with spicy ingredients that add a certain zest to your personality.
Naughty Girl Star Light is a popular perfume variant by the House of Lyla Blanc London. It belongs to the fragrance family of Floral. There is a concoction of rich floral ingredients that gives this perfume spray its enchanting aroma. The top note includes geranium, hawthorn, bergamot and hyacinth that gives a burst of fresh flowery aroma. The middle note combines Violet Blossom, Rose, Mimosa and Lily of the Valley that delivers a soothing scent. The base note blends Heliotrope, Cedar, Sandalwood and Amber and balances the flowery fragrance by giving an earthy touch in the end. Naughty Girl Star Light is a perfume spray for night occasions. A few splashes are all you need to add to elegance and vivacity in your personality and be the star of the night.
The House of Lyla Blanc introduces a dark and exotic fragrance - Versatile. The rustic and warm aroma of this perfume adds a sense of mystery to your personality. It is a unisex fragrance from the Woody family. The top note is a blend of tomato leaves and woody complex offering a strong natural fragrance. The second note kicks in with a more subtle blend of spicy note and dried fruit. The bottom notes comprise of cacao and tonka that offer a blend of spicy and chocolatey scent. Overall it is an exotic perfume specially made for evening soirees. It is a strong and long lasting perfume with which, a single spray is all you need to turn heads at any event.
Retro, a unique variant from the House of Lyla Blanc London is a classic fragrance that will take you back in time. There is an unconventional blend of interesting notes that give it a unique scent. The high notes consist of raspberries, oranges, rose and agarwood, exuding a strong and sophisticated aroma. Then comes another unique blend of middle notes including pepper, mimosa, and leather accord that offers a sweet and warm fragrance. The last notes comprise of Ylang Land and Benzonia that leaves a sweet and flowery aroma. This fusion of interesting ingredients leaves you fresh and energetic throughout the day. This perfume spray can be used by both men and women on any occasion. Just a splash can add a touch elegance to your personality.
Royal Touch Copper from the house of Lyla Blanc London is a long-lasting perfume with a rustic and royal redolence. The top notes of, Patchouli, Bergamot, and Tobacco perfectly infuse with the middle notes of Cedar, Geranium, Tobacco, Musk, and Sandalwood to offer an elegant aroma that makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. The perfume further gets a fruity citrus finish with the infusion of a final note that has Pineapple, Plum Pear, Jasmin, Lemon, and Marigold. Royal Touch Copper is a versatile concoction that can be adorned for all occasions. The aroma from a single pump of this perfume lingers on for a long period of time, adding a dash of "Royal" to your personality throughout the day.
With a surprising blend of ingredients, Royal Touch Silver from the house of Lyla Blanc London is a long-lasting and versatile perfume. The high note infuses Oakmoss, Coriander, and Rosemary that offers an earthy-mossy aroma. The rustic fragrance continues to the middle note that perfectly blends Cedar, Tobacco, Musk, and Amber. Adding a refreshing twist to the fragrance, in the end, you get a splash of green note that blends mint, lavender, and sea-water. Whether you are out for a party or heading to work, this all-purpose perfume can be worn anytime by both genders. It is the ideal amalgamation of a rustic and elegant aroma that is bound to add charisma and individuality to your overall personality.
Royal Touch Gold from the house of Lyla Blanc London is a premium perfume that can be worn by both, men and women. An exquisite blend of Orange Blossom, Tuberose, and Vanilla in the top note is what gives this perfume its luxurious fragrance. The middle note that tones Plum, Peach, Raspberry, Musk, and Mirabelle Honey further effuses an earthy scent. Once the effect of the first and middle notes are condensed, what's left is a mellow flowery scent that comes from the final note comprising of Bergamot, Basil, Jasmine, Carnation, Heliotrope, Magnolia, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Orchid, Marigold, Rose, Leather, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, Styrax, and Oakmoss. The rich concoction of such aromatic ingredients offers a fresh and elegant scent, giving you a lush and affluent feel all day long.
Swagger Pocket Perfume is a majestic fragrance scent with sumptuous and prolific notes of dry wood, tobacco and moss which blends with the powerful and seductive medley of mandarin, apple and violet flowers. The sophisticated perfume is one of a kind gem which oozes masculinity, class and charm that defines your macho personality. The contemporary scent excludes perfection and makes romantic evenings with your partner amazing and simply sensational. Drape yourself with the wild scent of Swagger Pocket Perfume to captivate one and all.
Legend Pocket Perfume is a pleasingly rich fragrance with the excellent mix of lemon, rosemarry and orange blossom as top notes which harmoniously blend with the sensational middle note of Lavender, nutmeg and coriander to give a heavenly aroma that attracts attention. The zesty base notes of tonka bean, musk and oakmoss converge to present an inviting scent filled with passion. The long lasting perfume enchanting and contains a certain sense of mystique that baffles everyone around you. The Legend Pocket Perfume is classic in nature made by perfume architects.
The exhilarating fragrance of Musk Pocket Perfume is perfectly crafted with the fresh and exciting notes of exotic spices, magnificent woodsand ever enthralling musk notes helps you stand out of crowd. The magical combination mingles with your natural body chemistry to give out irresistible aroma that is sure to make others go gaga over you at parties. Seductive in nature, this truly blissful and masculine scent is long lasting and appeals to the opposite gender in a thrilling fashion. Be unique and mesmerize everyone around you with the defining fragrance of Musk Pocket Perfume.
Experience the best what life has to offer with the scintillating fragrance of Noir Pocket Perfume. The splendid top notes of bergamot, rosemary and lavender and the dazzling middle nots of cardamom, geranium, vetiver and cedar combine to surround you with untold and yet unknown aura of sophistication and style. The gorgeous base note of citrus and floral keeps you feeling fresh, clean and confident all day long. The stunning synergy of class and comfort is heightened by its long lasting characteristics. Live life, live more with the unbeatable fragrance of Noir Pocket Perfume.
Black Night Pocket Perfume is a fine fragrance which expresses urbanity and elegance to its fullest. The unique and refined notes of bergamot, mandarin and litchi are followed by the majestic notes of jasmine and lily which radiates the essence of prestige and class. The tantalizing musk, amber and woody base notes are breath taking in nature engulfing you with pride and makes you invincible. Wear the suave perfume scent of Black Night that brings out your gracious personality to the fore.
Carry a touch of elegance and opulence with the enchanting fragrance of Fashion Pocket Perfume. The plush combination of raspberry and pepper as top notes takes your style a notch higher. The resplendent middle notes of rose and gardenia along with floral aroma exudes glamour which makes other envy you. The impressive base note of musk enhances your fashion statement and makes your irresistible. Live the life of fashionista and be the trend setter with the swanky new Fashion Pocket Perfume.
The luscious fragrance of Angel Pocket Perfume with exceptional long-lasting characteristics is a delight to use every day. At the heart of this splendid fragrance are the sweet and aromatic notes which give an exuberant feeling, uplifting and refreshing the body and mind. The sweet and unique fragrance is highly effective in keeping you cool and clean all day long with its long lasting power. Awaken your senses with this vivacious Angel Pocket Perfume which keeps you buoyant and enthusiastic all day long.
The extraordinary Summer Pocket Perfume with unique and expensive top notes of tangerine followed by the splendorous middle notes of wild rose, peach and hyacinth is a treasure that manifests itself in all its glory when applied on your skin. The pleasant base notes of cedar wood and sandalwood makes this perfume scent a refreshing one which makes life easy in summers. The subtle notes are very appealing to the senses and offer a feeling of satisfaction and confidence at your office. Feel royal with this quintessential Summer Pocket Perfume.
The sparkling fragrance of Crush Pocket Perfume consists of a rich and powerful mix of sweet and fruity notes followed by the distinct and alluring citrusy and woody notes. The provocative perfume notes evoke a sense of fun and celebration intertwined with a scintillating aura of refreshing and sensual touch on the skin. The long-lasting scent is a delight to wear on every occasion and turns heads instantly as you step into the room. The timeless charm of Crush Pocket Perfume fills you with a world of infinite energy and keeps you lively all day long.
Desire the most desirable and stunning fragrance of Touch Pocket Perfume which makes you fall into a reverie. The fascinating top notes of black current when mixes with the spectacular middle notes of rose and jasmine radiate a soothing sensation to your whole self and takes you into an enchanting state. The striking and superb base notes of amber, patchouli and vanilla mix together to revitalize and refresh you. The classy scent of Touch Pocket Perfume captures the attention of everyone at the parties, get-togethers and audaciously puts all the limelight on you.
PASSION deodorant is an exciting fragrance crafted by the perfume architects for daily use. The fascinating melange of top notes consist of apple, melon and cucumber followed by the ever charming floral notes like white flowers creating an enchanting experience of freshness and coolness throughout the day. The attractive and appealing base notes of amber and sandal makes you feel lovely and charming, attracting attention from unknown and the known. This sophisticated deodorant with the Triclosan formulation is effective for sweat control and can be applied on all occasions. Make him fall for you with the mesmerizing and irresistible fragrance of PASSION deodorant.
Change the world with the empowering fragrance deodorant of WILD FLOWER. Wear the exciting fragrance and challenge the norms. This exclusive deodorant for women is one dynamic scent. The floral and fruity top notes followed by captivating and superb middle note of gourmand evokes an aura of sophistication, intelligence and elegance all mixed together presenting an amazing you to the world. The powerful and eclectic base note of musk makes you feel brilliant, lively and energetic all day along with the long-lasting freshness due to Triclosan formula used for controlling sweat. This WILD FLOWER deodorant demonstrates the distinct qualities of modern women.
It is impossible for women to go outside without using a deodorant. What you look for in a good deodorant is the characteristics of scent that matches with your personality. ULTRAVIOLET deodorant with the fresh and tangy top notes of plum, peach and citrus followed by the pleasant and stunning middle notes of orchid and mimosa that makes it an impressive feminine fragrance scent that defines the modern women of today. The uplifting and lively base notes of amber and vetiver expresses the sensual nature and the incomparable freshness that engulfs you. Triclosan formula of ULTRAVIOLET deodorant negates the sweat problem and makes this fragrance best for daily use.
The LAVENDER MIST with the formulation of Triclosan is tough on sweat and your go-to deodorant for the summer season. This deodorant with wonderful and scintillating top notes of armoise and citrus when combined with the prized and precious middle notes of lavendin and fougere creates an aura of elegance, beauty and adds charm to your already majestic personality. The marvelous base notes of sandalwood and oakmoss dominated by woody fragrance scent engulfs you with the delightful and charming effect of this deodorant and makes you the envy for others. Be stylish and be awesome all the time with the appealing scent of LAVENDER MIST deodorant.
If you are all about grace and gentleness, then VOYAGE deodorant for women is the perfect blend of fun and fruity top notes of orange and red berry followed by refreshing and scintillating middle notes of floral and green that amplifies your already elegant personality. This stylish and elegant base notes of wood and musk refreshes, revitalizes and makes you feel cool and confident in the hot summer days and never lets you down. Its longevity and freshness are truly distinct than other scents. The VOYAGE deodorant uses Triclosan formula to resist the sweat due to summer heat and lets you enjoy the day.
Be the enchantress with FLEUR-ESSENCE deodorant. The alluring and sumptuous top notes of parma violet, cassis and hawthrone creates a magical feminine fragrance followed by the elegant and sumptuous middle notes of orange flower and rose which are mystical in nature making you the centre of attraction and the heartthrob of him. The rich and seductive combination of base notes like vanilla, opoponax makes this powerful deodorant a truly special one for women with romantic undertones. The FLEUR-ESSENCE deodorant evokes the senses of everyone around and grabs the attention of all like no other deodorant. It is full of beauty and charm and resists the sweat with the special Triclosan formula
A spritz of GLAMOUR deodorant is all you need to feel awesome the whole day. This celestial fragrance with thrilling top notes of orange, raspberry and neroli when combined with the effervescent middle notes of jasmine and gardenia gives a top of the world feeling and a mood to enjoy each moment daily. The confidence, style and glamour go higher up with the sweet and distinct fragrance base notes of honey and patchouli. The thrill seeker in you is awakened and you feel the fresh, clean and seductive nature of this exhilarating GLAMOUR deodorant with a unique Triclosan formula for sweat control. This pleasant deodorant can be used for all occasions.
Platinum is an inimitable deodrant fragrance which manifest the precious blend of sophistication and elegance. It is an enchanting and luxuriant piece of art made by deodrant architects that fills you with awe and excitement forever
The TANGO perfume fragrance is provocative in nature which enhances your personality in audacious ways. The sharp and sultry top notes of thyme, bergamot and lavender are a dreamy combination which excites and enchants the senses. Bewitching and thrilling middle notes of juniper, clove and nutmeg are magical and the base note of cedar and sandalwood gives a seductive twist to the camphoraceous and classic smell that evokes the deepest emotions and passions of the opposite gender. This extraordinary woody fragrance of TANGO perfume is a must have for everyday wear.
The fresh and light EXPLORER perfume embodies the spirit of mystery yet the majestic form of living. The incredible perfume fragrance has sparkling and effervescent top notes of cinnamon, citrus and clove which are known for refreshing and relaxing characteristics which ignites a fervour and passion for adventure. The magnificent and soft heart notes of geranium and basil are sober and sweet followed by the choicest base notes of patchouli, tonka and musk that explores the lofty and at the same time effortless way of life. The EXPLORER perfume is for the ones who love going to unchartered territories and explore life.
If an adrenaline rush is what wakes you up in the morning and you look ahead to do something big every day, BLUE CRUSH deodorant is just for you. This natural fragrance scent with sumptuous and electric top notes of nutmeg and orange followed by the alluring middle notes of heliotrope and pimento fills you with positivity and energy throughout the day. The natural and enriching base notes of ambergris, benzoin and vanilla do not let you feel low at any instant. The truly masculine scent is long lasting and contains Triclosan formula for sweat control. Wear the best BLUE CRUSH deodorant for the winning you. Reach the top with dynamic BLUE CRUSH deodorant ideal for the one who love challenges.
BLACK VELVET deodorant is all about success, triumph and achievement. The majestic and winning top notes of fresh fougere and lavender lets you feel the glory of a conquest. The unique and remarkable middle notes of patchouli, tonka and oakmoss ably creates that aura where the bright memories of achieving something flow back almost easily. The sumptuous and sensual fragrance base notes of leather and amber keeps you feeling fresh, clean and energetic and the special Triclosan formula keeps sweat at bay. This uplifting BLACK VELVET deodorant leaves a lasting impression on everyone you come across. This classy and masculine craft is a must have deodorant.
Inspired by nature, SHOCK perfume is a thrilling fragrance that mixes the essence of natural and fresh water. The perfect and stirring top notes of citrus, bergamot, spicy nutmeg gives instant recognition to you and the aquatic and floral middle notes of the incandescent perfume let you feel the fresh breeze best experienced in spring, making you feel confident and attractive. The heady base notes of wood and musk are other highlights of this bright and beautiful fragrance that can make any day amazing and enchanting. Capture everyone's attention at fun-filled parties, functions and night outs and enjoy the limelight with the ultimate all-day fragrance of SHOCK perfume.
Be the life of every party and celebration with WHITE AMBER deodorant. The rich and vivid top notes of citrus and aldehyde makes it irresistible and enchanting and it effectiveness excites you to the core. The charming middle notes of lavender and green followed by the seductive and clean musky and woody base notes lets you capture hearts and makes others go gaga over you. This precious fragrance scent comprised of the Triclosan formula for sweat control and its long-lasting effect makes it a stylish and colourful scent that instantly makes her fall for you. This WHITE AMBER deodorant is known for its freshness and stimulating nature it possesses. This bold and daring deodorant tempts others in fearless and adventurous ways.
The sassy and spontaneous perfume of LIVEWIRE is a modern-day perfume encapsulating the playful and free-spirited men of today. The thrilling and exciting top notes of lemon, cardamom and black pepper evokes the fun, frisky and celebratory sensation and its powerful aroma swirls around you. The alluring and delicate floral middle notes of agrestic along with the opulent blend of tonka, amber and patchouli as base notes are sensual in nature providing a cool and exuberant aura that is simply refreshing and energetic. This unique, light and fresh fragrance of LIVEWIRE is a class apart for all occasions and seasons.
The THUNDER deodorant is an unmatchable fragrance that keeps you fresh all the day. The fresh and crisp top notes of the citrus family and floral notes keeps you going in the summer season with energy and enthusiasm. The gorgeous middle notes are spicy followed by freshening & exciting base notes of wood-musk combination that are magical, breathtaking and seductive in nature as well. This one-of-a-kind deodorant with Triclosan formula for controlling sweat is best for the ones who love outdoor activities and sports. The lively deodorant lets you enjoy the feeling of achievement no matter how hot the day might be. THUNDER deodorant is recharging and dashing at the same time.
Experience the warmth of the morning sun and feel the affection of the night with the lovely, sensual and dramatic scent of ETERNITY perfume. The mesmerizing and majestic top notes of citrus and bergamot are enthralling in nature which is followed by the soft and delicate middle notes of lavender, carnation and lilac which exudes a sense of mystic and heavenly charm. The vivacious base notes of sandalwood and musk which is revitalizing and calming, encompasses the elements of infinite beauty and love. Capture the enduring romantic moments and memories eternally with this timeless and delectable masculine fragrance of ETERNITY perfume.
Ever felt like experiencing the ocean waves splashing your body in midst of a hot summer day? The CHROME deodorant has exhilarating and plush top notes of bergamot and sea note making you feel cool, refreshing and supercharged all day long. The rich and the fresh heart notes of geranium and rosemary followed by finest base notes of patchouli and incense lets you have fun and embrace the lovely summer days with ease. This classy deodorant lets you roll out confidently and feel the freshness of beachside breeze and Triclosan formula keeps the sweat under control. Explore the mesmerizing deodorant of CHROME and impress others with your flamboyant personality.
MILLIONAIRE perfume for men defines the sophistication and the extravagant in you. This rare fragrance comprises of exotic and stylish top notes of grapefruit, mint and mandarin creating a magnetic effect around you. The uplifting and distinct middle notes of the floral accord, rose and cinnamon when mingles with the vivid base notes of patchouli and amber accord along with the woody and earthy aromatic blend, gives a sense of fascination, achievement and feeling of fulfilment. This brings out the deepest passions, ambitions and desires of men. Embrace the symbol of every man's fantasy and experience the real you with MILLIONAIRE perfume.
Be the one who sweeps her off the feet With INTENSE deodorant. Turn many heads with the sensual and fine top notes of jasmine and plum combined with the splendorous middle notes of orris and peach which is enthralling and sensational, perfect for the romantic evening. This intense deodorant has majestic and glorious base notes of cedar, myrrh and coconut that lets you enjoy the limelight and leaves her spellbound. The super awesome fragrance is made up of Triclosan formula which controls sweat like no other deodorant and is long lasting in nature. Feel fresh and be ready to seduce with the throbbing effect of INTENSE deodorant. This fragrance with a superb masculine scent can be used for every occasion.
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