The Hott 200 ml collection is dedicated to unique fragrances that offer a splash of freshness with great sweat protection. Boih is one of the rustic and earthy fragrances from this unique collection that is prepared with a unique amalgam of floral and woody essences. Boih belongs to the Leathery family; the reason behind its earthy fragrance. The top note is a perfect blend of citrus and fruity elements that comprise of artemisia, caraway, coriander, juniper berries, basil, and bergamot, releasing a strong and striking odour. The middle note is dedicated to an exceptional infusion of spicy and floral ingredients that include carnation, leather, chamomile, pepper, jasmine, rose, pine tree needles, and geranium, offering a lasting fragrance. The base note comprises of some earthy essences that make the perfume rusty enough to last long. Amber, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vetiver, cedar, and tobacco contribute to the rustic base note.
A luxurious scent introduced by the House of Lyla blanc London, Czar is a unique perfume variant from the Hott 200 ml collection. Prepared with some exotic essences, all three notes give out a distinct aroma that delivers a citrusy freshness and musky fragrance. Belonging to the Floral Musky family, Czar perfectly blends every note to produce an enticing aroma that is bound to captivate your senses. Neroli and bergamot make the top note, ideal for a strong and citrusy aroma. The middle note is composed of patchouli and lavender contributing to the fresh effect. The base note is dominated by a single essence, i.e., musky vanilla, producing a rusty, earthy and floral aroma, all at once. From night parties to morning meetings, Czar from the Hott collection will give you the ideal splash of floral freshness on the go.
The Hott collection from the house of Lyla Blanc London is known for its unique range of perfumes that leave a distinct aroma and long lasting freshness. Eros 1 is one of the premium perfumes from the Hott 200ml collection that offers a lasting and enchanting fragrance all day long. Eros 1 belongs to the Oriental family and has selected notes of fruity and floral fragrances. The top note of the perfume is drenched in rose, orris and mint that leaves a tinge of floral aroma and minty freshness. The middle note is dedicated to a fruity burst that includes vanilla, fruity and red berries keeping your body odour at check while offering a mystic fragrance. Final or the base note is a blend of earthy and rusty essence. The final note includes incense oriental vanilla and spicy, warm, and candy.
Noir 2 - a classic fragrance that comprises of all the natural essences that treat your skin just right. This unique fragrance from the Hott 200 ml collection is focused on offering a strong earthy and rustic fragrance blend. Belonging to the Oriental Leather family, Noir 2 has a dedicated set of three notes that release a whimsical aroma when combined. The top note is dedicated to a floral blast that includes rose, sweet and cotton for tender and blossoming freshness. The blend of Muguet, jasmine and vanilla in the middle note creates a subtle and sweet scent for the perfume. The base note is prepared with some earthy essences including woody, cedarwood, and civet that leaves a rustic end aroma. Whether you need a burst of freshness on the go or a long-lasting splash of perfume that stays all day long, Noir 2 from Hott is the ideal pick for you.
If you are looking for a fragrance that keeps you fresh and your body odourfree, try the all new Musk 2 perfume from the Hott 200ml collection. Musk 2 is known for its citrus essence that controls sweat and leaves a long lasting scent. The top note is a citrus concoction which comprises of lemon, bergamot, and pear. For a floral and earthy freshness that gives out a unique tropical fragrance, the middle note comprises of almond, jasmine and coffee. The final note is dominated by some rusty essence offerings that include vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood and oriental leathery. Belonging to the Oriental Vanilla family, this Hott perfume range is dedicated to those who are looking for a floral burst with a long lasting effect. There's no doubt in asserting that Musk 2 from the house of Lyla Blanc London offers a splash of elegance that stays with you all day long
Be the one who sweeps her off the feet With INTENSE deodorant. Turn many heads with the sensual and fine top notes of jasmine and plum combined with the splendorous middle notes of orris and peach which is enthralling and sensational, perfect for the romantic evening. This intense deodorant has majestic and glorious base notes off cedar, myrrh and coconut that lets you enjoy the limelight and leaves her spellbound. The super awesome fragrance is made up of Triclosan formula which controls sweat like no other deodorant and is long lasting in nature. Feel fresh and be ready to seduce with the throbbing effect of INTENSE deodorant. This fragrance with a superb masculine scent can be used for every occassion.
platinum is an inimitable deodrant fragrance which manifest the precious blend of sophistication and elegance. It is an enchanting and luxuriant piece of art made by deodrant architects that fills you with awe and excitement forever
Be the life of every party and celebration. Be irresistible and enchanting with the rich and vivid citrus notes of WHITE AMBER deodorant which makes it a stylish, charming and colourful scent that instantly makes her fall for you. This precious fragrance scent that is clean, seductive and manly lets you capture the hearts with its long-lasting effect and the Triclosan formula for sweat control. Unique in its nature, the scent definitely makes others go gaga over you and excites with its effectiveness. This WHITE AMBER deodorant is known for its freshness and stimulating nature it possesses. This bold and daring deodorant tempts others in fearless and adventurous ways
Ever felt like experiencing the ocean waves splashing your body in midst of a hot summer, sweaty day? The CHROME deodorant with the Triclosan formula keeps the sweat under control making you feel cool, refreshing and supercharged all day long and lets you have fun in the summer days. This classy deodorant lets you roll out confidently and feel the freshness of the beachside breeze. The finest of citrus notes when combined with the light notes of rosemary revitalizes your senses and fills you with confidence. Explore the mesmerizing deodorant of CHROME and impress others with your flamboyant personality.
BLACK VELVET deodorant is all about success, victory, triumph and achievement. This majestic deodorant lets you feel the glory of a conquest. Remember feeling the high of achieving something remarkable, this unique fragrance scent ably creates that aura where the bright memories flow back almost easily. The sumptuous and sensual fragrance notes keep you feeling fresh, clean and energetic and the special Triclosan formula keeps sweat at bay. This uplifting BLACK VELVET deodorant leaves a lasting impression on everyone you come across. This classy and masculine craft is a must have deodorant.
The THUNDER deodorant is an unmatchable fragrance that keeps you fresh all the day. This is one of a kind deodorant with Triclosan formula for controlling sweat and primarily citrus notes that keep you going in the summer season. The fresh floral notes are magical and the woody-musky combination of scent is simply breathtaking. This is not just good for relaxation but is seductive in nature as well. This lively deodorant is for the ones who love outdoor activities and sports and enjoys the feeling of achievement no matter how hot the day might be. THUNDER deodorant is recharging and dashing at the same time.
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