Lyla Blanc London introduces, Hott Saturn Dust, a stand out perfume spray. It belongs to the Oriental family. There is an interesting blend of distinctive ingredients that gives each note a unique fragrance. The first note includes Bergamot and lemon that exude a fresh citrus aroma. The middle note comprises of vanilla that gives out a mellow scent. The soothing feel continues with the bottom note that includes sandalwood and vetiver. There is an ideal blend of strong citrus aromas and mellow earthy ingredients that give this perfume spray its unique fragrance. Hott Saturn Dust perfume spray can be adorned by both, men and women. This long lasting perfume comes at an affordable rate and it certainly adds a touch of playfulness to your personality.
Hott Pacific from the House of Lyla Blanc London is an ideal summer perfume to stay fresh and energetic 24x7. This perfume spray belongs to the family of Fruity Floral. The notes are dominated by fresh and floral ingredients, but there is a touch of warm elements as well. The top note includes bergamot that exudes strong floral fragrances. The middle note encompasses jasmine and coriander that gives out a stronger flowery aroma. The final note include musky and spicy ingredients that gives it a soothing scent. The Hott Pacific is an affordable perfume spray that is suitable for both, men and women. The fragrance is strong, so just a single splash can make you feel flowery fresh all day long.
Hott Wild Fire, from the House of Lyla Blanc London, is one of the exotic perfume sprays from the Hott collection. The perfume belongs to the family of Fruity Floral. There is an exciting blend of sweet and spicy ingredients that offers this perfume its unique scent. The top note is boasted with grapefruit, galbanum, and aqua for the burst of fruity freshness. The middle note includes clary sage, lavender, and pepper that offers a more intense floral scent. The bottom note offers an earthy and floral fragrance with oak moss, patchouli, and amber. It is an evening perfume that is suitable for both men and women. A splash of Hott Wild Fire can add a sense of mystery to your personality.
Hott Blizzard from the House of Lyla Blanc London is a lasting and fresh perfume spray. It is boasted with fruity, flowery and rustic ingredients. The top notes include orange, aromatics, and galbanum that offers intense yet a pleasant flowery fragrance. Furthermore, rose, geranium, and lavender in the middle note offer a very subtle flowery scent. The bottom note comprising of patchouli, moss, amber, and musk exudes a flowery and warm aroma. While primarily the ingredients are floral, the addition of rustic ingredients including musk and moss gives the perfume a soothing finish. Hott Blizzard is a perfume spray from the family of Floral. The deodorant is ideal for any occasion and can be adorned by both men and women alike.
Hott Sirocco from the House of Lyla Blanc London belongs to the family of Woody Spicy. This perfume spray has a rustic, foresty aroma with a blend of spicy and mellow ingredients. The top note is dominated by Lemon, Neroli and Mint giving a citrus scent in the first splash. Soon, the middle note kicks in with lavender, coriander, and musk that gives a sweet and warm scent. The bottom notes include oakmoss, sandalwood, and patchouli leaving a subtle rustic aroma at the end. It is a strong perfume spray, so a single splash lasts all day long. Whether you are going to office or an evening party, it is the ideal deodorant to add a distinctive touch to your personality.
House Lyla Blanc introduces Hott Musky Marble from the family of Woody Spicy. This perfume spray offers a natural and earthy fragrance. There is an interesting blend of strong and mellow ingredients that keeps the aroma balanced and pleasant. The top notes include strong aromatics and lemon that is balanced by a sweet flavour of lavender. The middle note includes cardamom, cinnamon, and orange blossom, giving out a perfect blend of rustic and citric aroma. The final note is dominated by sandal, vanilla, tonka, and amber, giving out a warm and pleasant fragrance. Hott Musky Marble is a unisex perfume that can be adorned on any occasion (day and night). The affordable price tag of this perfume spray further makes it a winsome option.
Hott Coral Reef from the House of Lyla Blanc London is the ideal perfume spray to beat the summer heat. It belongs to the Floral Citrous family. Inspired by the marine, this deodorant is boasted with ingredients that are bound to offer a blast of freshness and energy. The top notes include bergamot, green apple and pineapple for a strong and pleasant fruity aroma. The middle notes exude a milder fruity fragrance that includes rose, jasmine and patchouli. The bottom note encompasses a surprising blend of rustic and fruity ingredients including musk, oak moss, and vanilla, giving out a warm aroma. It is a day perfume spray that can be adorned by both, the lads and the ladies. Additionally, it is long-lasting and comes at an affordable price.
The Hott Sea Weed perfume spray variant from the House of Lyla Blanc is one of the many spicy variants from the brand. It is categorized under the Spicy family. The notes are a blend of spicy and mellow ingredients to get the right balance of the aroma. The top note consists of basil, coriander, and artemisia that offers a strong spicy scent. It is followed by more subtle middle notes that include clove, cumin, and chamomile. The final notes are patchouli, vetiver, and oakmoss that leave a pleasant and zesty scent. This perfume spray comes with a cost-effective price tag, making it an accessible option for all. A simple splash of Hott Sea Weed perfume can keep your fresh and energetic all day long.
Hott Drift Wood by the house of Lyla Blanc London is a perfume spray for people who like a dark, natural, and spicy scent. Hott Drift Woood is categorized under the Woody Spicy family. There is a fusion of dark and subtle ingredients to create a perfect and balanced fragrance. The top notes combine neroli, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit and lemon that exude a strong citrus scent. The middle note is all about the spicy blend with nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom. The final note combines guaiac wood, cedar wood, and lashings of cedar; these strong ingredients are sweetened by musk and vanilla. This strong lasting fragrance can keep you feeling fresh all day long. It comes at a reasonable price and is suitable for both men and women.
Hott Tornado from the House of Lyla Blanc belongs to the Woody family. With a combination of spicy and sweet ingredients, the perfume spray offers a rustic and fruity scent. The top note fuses bergamot, lavender, and lemon that gives out a citrus aroma. Slowly, the rustic scent kicks in with the middle note that includes coriander, black pepper and nutmeg. The final note further accentuates the warm fragrance with a blend of amber, musk woody, and tonka. On the whole, the perfume spray has an interesting blend of citric and rustic ingredients that gives out a unique fragrance. Hott Tornado is ideal for both men and women and can be adorned on any occasion. This long-lasting perfume comes at a reasonable rate, making it a viable option for one and all.
Hott Volcano from the House of Lyla Blanc, London comes from the Citrus family. This energetic perfume blends various citric ingredients in the most unique way. The top note is a combination of armoisa, bergamot, and lemon that adds a fresh aroma. Taking a sweet and fruity turn, the second notes include geranium, orange blossom, and lavender. The bottom note, with sandalwood, amber, oak moss and musk exude a warm and pleasant scent that lingers all day long. With such interesting ingredients, Hott Volcano is a vivacious perfume spray for both men and women that can be adorned on any occasion (day or night). Along with a vivacious fragrance, the cost-effectiveness of this perfume also makes it a popular choice to go for.
Hott Tsunami from the House of Lyla Blanc, London is the perfect summer deodorant. The top notes include lemon, lavender, orange and lime that offers a blast of freshness. The middle note include basil, coriander, and rosemary that exudes a sweet aroma. The combination of citric, floral, and rustic scents is what makes this perfume unique. The last note is an amalgamation of tonka, musk moss, and sandalwood that leaves a subtle rustic and pleasant fragrance. Whether you are headed to the office or a day in the mall, Hott Tsunami maintains its scent throughout the day. Placed in the category of Woody family, this is a unisex deodorant that comes with an affordable price tag, making it an ideal summer deodorant option to stay fresh all day long.
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