Blended in fruity and rustic fragrances, Senorita is one among the two classic perfumes from the Body Mist collection. Curated for the feminine demographic, Body Mist Senorita is a unique amalgam of fruity and earthy notes. Senorita from Body Mist collection is lauded for its enticing scent that offers a long-lasting fragrance. The top note including orange, blossom, jasmine and tuberose produces a euphoric aroma making your day pleasant and daisy. Plum, peach and rose create a splendid middle note exuding an alluring and subtle fragrance to keep you fresh and sweat-free all day long. The final and base note is something that makes Senorita one of the unique perfumes from the Body Mist collection. Infusing Vetiver and Musk with Sandalwood, Senorita produces an earthy base note creating a long-lasting impact of scent. Think of Body Mist Senorita whenever you need a burst of fruity and earthy fragrance.
Senhora is a popular women's scent from the Body Mist collection, a perfume range that has always made a mark with its distinctive fragrance. With Senhora, a women's perfume from the floral fruity family, Body Mist offers a floral yet strong fragrance that lasts all day long. Drenched in citric, floral rose, aromatic chamomile and ginger, the top note makes a strong cologne that gives out a striking yet floral aroma. Abiding by the floral fruity family, the middle note of Senhora includes some flowery essence of white flower, lily and lotus that leaves a subtle and pleasant smell. For an everlasting effect, the base note consists of an earthy essence mainly constituting sandalwood, fragrant vetiver and patchouli. So make room for Senhora on your dressing table to get a daily splash of strong and fruity scent.
Blossom range of luxury body soap offers British Lavender, a refreshing way to achieve healthy and glowing skin. This British Lavender from the house of Lyla Blanc London is known for its exotic fragrance and quality cleansing formula that treats your skin right. Gently soothing your skin with its enriching lavender oil, British Lavender locks moisture into the skin. Apart from a healthy glow and silky soft moisture, this luxury soap also helps in retaining the natural oil of the skin. Our range of Blossom luxury soaps are processed with skin friendly and organic ingredients. Cleansing your body within one wash and working as an after bath moisturizer, British Lavender from Blossom is that ideal luxury soap for your skin.
Neem has many medicinal and healing properties that treat several skin ailments. With an aim to offer a purifying and refreshing bathing experience, blossom range of luxury soaps from the house of Lyla Blanc London introduces Neem Clear soap bar. Making your skin clearer and gentler with every wash, Neem Clear helps you fight off skin rashes and infections. Processed with ayurvedic and 100% natural ingredients including neem oil and extracts, we strive to bring you the best soap bar in the most organic way. The antibacterial composition of the soap makes it ideal for daily use. Neem Clear is not only a soap bar that cleanses your skin with the goodness of neem, but it also creates a protective shield for your skin making it germ and bacteria free.
Blossom range of luxury soap introduces Citrus Revive, a refreshing soap bar that cleanses your skin with orange zest and offers a citrusy fragrance that stays long. Citrus Revive is a unique blend of natural oils drenched in citrusy essences like oranges, tangerines and mandarins. Oranges have antibacterial properties that help in cleansing the skin without leaving it dry. Citrus Revive works as a good cleanser and a great moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated all day long. The orange and lemon extracts in the soap tighten the skin and safeguard it from tissue damage as well. Revive and energize your mornings as you enjoy a steaming bath with Citrus Revive, from the house of Lyla Blanc London.
Turmeric is a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that treats your skin in more than one way. Blossom range of luxury soaps from the house Lyla Blanc London presents Turmeric Glow, a premium soap that cleanses your skin with natural turmeric essence. Addressing some of the major skin ailments including hyper pigmentation, dullness, dryness, pimples and blemishes, Turmeric Glow offers you a natural way to treat your skin and fight skin issues. This Blossom luxury soap also helps in purifying your skin with its turmeric essence and the extra virgin coconut oil that also helps in keeping your skin hydrated all day long. Turmeric Glow with its natural turmeric content and other essential oil repairs sun damage and nourishes in the most organic way.
Lyla Blanc London's Blossom range of luxury soap is popular for its unique soap bars that are naturally processed with organic ingredients. Yet again, Blossom presents Lemon Fresh, a scented soap bar that gives a burst of tangy and long lasting freshness. Processed with pure essential oils of lemon, mandarin and lemongrass, Lemon Fresh not only offers a lime freshness but also treats major skin issues as well. Cleansing your skin with lemon and making it germ-free and sanitized, Lemon Fresh from Blossom is ideal for all skin types. The soap gives an instant freshness after every shower due to its lemon and tea tree extracts. Whether you want a refreshing morning shower or cleanse your skin after a tiring day, make shelf space for Lemon Fresh in your washroom today to make your bathing experience better than ever.
Blossom range of luxury soaps brings you Sandalwood Soft, an ideal way to caress your skin with the richness sandalwood. Nourishing your skin with the real sandalwood extracts and leave a luscious glow, Sandalwood Soft is a fragrant soap bar from the house of Lyla Blanc that suits all skin types. The woody and exotic aroma of Sandalwood Soft will keep you fresh and fragrant throughout the day. The sandalwood and turmeric extracts in the soap help in exfoliating your skin and removing dirt and impurities in the most natural way giving a nourishing glow to your skin. Sandalwood Soft is also an ideal natural soap bar to heal dry skin and clogged pores leaving your skin supple and moisturized.
Bring out the sublime in you with the BEAUTIFUL - MAJESTIC TALC powder boasting of an excellent mix of classic sandalwood extracts and sweet rose notes. The deep warm tones express innate charm and deep seduction within you which makes others fall for you. This talcum powder with the exclusive scent of musk and fine grade powder of high quality keeps you feeling refreshed and active on the summer days. The lump free texture of the powder makes your skin feel like satin smooth. Make your personality stand out with BEAUTIFUL - MAJESTIC TALC powder.
Explore the unique BEAUTIFUL - LAURING TALC powder with a thrilling combination of lively rose and sparkling musk notes. Begin your day with the energetic fragrance of this talc powder that induces unmatchable freshness and keeps you going throughout the day. This magnificent talc with floral fragrance resists the body odour easily and evokes a sense of desire and makes you appealing and attractive. The powder spreads easily and its silky texture keeps your skin soft and smooth and makes others go gaga over you. The long-lasting fragrance of BEAUTIFUL - LAURING TALC is sensational and dramatic at the same time.
BEAUTIFUL - PLEASING TALC with the exotic blend of vivacious citrus and the aromatic white flower notes is an enchanting experience on your skin. The pleasant smell of this scintillating talc keeps you refreshed and feeling vibrant all day long. Enriched with a woody scent, this talcum powder engulfs you with an alluring fragrance and makes you instantly appealing and irresistible. The smooth texture of this high-quality powder leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and fragrant on hot summer days. Soothe your senses with the highly effective and unforgettable aroma of BEAUTIFUL - PLEASING TALC powder and mesmerize everyone.
BEAUTIFUL - MESMERIC is a modern day talc powder enriched with mesmerizing lavender and vivacious citrus notes. The talc powder with zesty musk scent has an uplifting fragrance that takes you through summer days easily. Set out in style with this amazing talcum powder having a soft texture and which makes your skin feel smooth and refreshed. The talc powder with fine scent is crafted in such a way that it stays on your body for the entire day. Boost your mood with the irresistible fragrance of BEAUTIFUL - MESMERIC TALC powder
Experience the French romance with BEAUTIFUL - TEMPTING TALC powder efficiently crafted with a unique combination of lovely rose and marvellous musk notes. The easy to apply talcum powder with soft texture keeps you feeling revived and resists the body odour. The seductive aldehydic aroma of this talc is truly remarkable and refreshing at the same time, captivating and attracting others. The fine grade powder of high quality makes it smooth on your skin and the magnificent fragrance lingers on the whole day. Win hearts with the enticing talc powder of BEAUTIFUL - TEMPTING.
BEAUTIFUL - ANGELIC TALC powder is a sophisticated medley of sumptuous musk and splendid woody notes that gives out a sense of elegance and heavenly charm. Surround yourself with the distinct scent of this talc that keeps you feeling fragrant, clean and bright all the day. This contemporary talc powder of top quality is crafted with a bouquet of fresh flowers inducing a luxurious freshness that is astonishing to others. The lovely texture of BEAUTIFUL - ANGELIC TALC makes your skin feel smooth and soft and it is a delightful floral fragrance to use in summer.
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