A proud fragment of the luxurious perfume brand Afzal Premium, Sirimiri is a fragrant concoction that offers a mystic aroma in every splash. Belonging to the family of Floriental Floral, Sirmiri is a blend of those blossoming and earthy elements, offering a unique and exquisite aroma. The top note is a citrusy floral blend of bergamot, mandarin and white floral that creates a base of an initial floral fragrance. Moving further to the middle note composed of peony, rose, orris and aldehyde, Sirmiri aims to extend its floral freshness till its final note. Musk, sandalwood, amber and vanilla together produce an exotic earthy aroma that tends to provide a long-lasting rustic scent. With such a unique infusion of notes that release distinctive fragrance one after the other, Sirimiri is undoubtedly the perfect offering of an intense and elegant perfume packed in a bottle.
Afzal Premium Jameel is an alluring perfume variant from Afzal Premium. The ingredients of this perfume spray combine citric, floral and earthy components that give Jameel a strong yet pleasant rustic aroma. Infusing lemon and bergamot, the top note gives a burst of fresh critic aroma. The middle note greets you with a pleasant flowery fragrance combining rose, jasmine and geranium. The base note infuses musk, amber, vanilla and oudh, leaving a pleasantly earthy aroma. Afzal Premium Jameel is a long-lasting and exquisite perfume that comes from the fragrance family of Oriental. This rich and exotic perfume spray variant is suitable for both, men and women. Suitable for all occasions, just a splash of premium Jameel perfume can set you apart from the crowd.
Rahama is a luxurious perfume from Afzal Premium that offers an exquisite fragrance with the power to captivate your senses. Belonging to the Floral family, each note of Rahama is soaked in floral and earthy essences that keep the freshness intact. The top note is a floral amalgam of peach, ylang, and orange blossom that provides a soothing initial aroma. The middle note is composed of carnation, jasmine and rose that further accentuate the pleasant fragrance of the perfume. Musk, moss and sandalwood are those earthy elements that form a rustic base note and formulate the final base of this exquisite concoction. Whether you choose to gift it to a loved one or adorn it for an evening party, Rahama is the ideal splash of luxurious fragrance and floral freshness on the go.
Rohi from Afzal Premium is a perfume spray that offers a burst of floral freshness. The perfume spray comes from the fragrance family of Floriental and can be adorned by both, men and women. Boasted with fresh and pleasant floral ingredients, this perfume spray has an exotic aroma to it. The top note combines orange, lemon and aldehyde, offering the first splash of a fresh citrus scent. Balancing the strong citrus aroma, the middle note gives out a floral fragrance that combines rose, violet, and geranium. The base note blends musk, amber, oudh, and vanilla that leaves a subtle earthy aroma in the end. Afzal Premium Rohi is categorized as a day perfume that leaves you feeling fresh and lively throughout the day.
Afzal Premium is a range of luxurious perfume that tends to release exotic scent with every splash. Afsoon is a quality perfume spray from Afzal Premium collection that is known for its enticing and mystic fragrance produced by some earthy and fruity essences. The top note is created from orange blossom and geranium that prepares a fruity base for the perfume. Moving further, carnation, orris and caramel from the middle note prepare a rich and intense layer of freshness. By the time the perfume reaches its end aroma, amber, oudh, moss and sandalwood from the base note makes a veil of long-lasting and rustic odour that also keeps the freshness intact. Afsoon belongs to Oriental family and it is counted amongst the most popular Afzal Premium luxurious perfumes.
Symbolizing the splendour of regality, Noor is a perfume variant from Afzal Premium Noor. It belongs to the fragrance family of Oriental. The ingredients of this perfume are dominated by rustic components that are pacified by mellow compounds, giving it a unique scent. The top note combines moss, vanilla and orris giving out a strong earthy aroma. With the middle note, you get a floral aroma that comes from the blend of lilly, rose and balsamic. The final note includes sandalwood, cedarwood and oudh that leaves a soothing earthy scent at the end. The blend of rustic ingredients in this perfume variant is what gives its fragrance a royal character. Perfect for any occasion, Afzal Premium Noor is a unisex perfume that is bound to accentuate your personality.
Infusing some exotic ingredients and blending them beautifully into a soothing concoction, Al Naeem is a luxurious perfume variant from Afzal Premium. Being a fragment of the Oriental family, each note of Al Naeem is drenched in floral essences that packs the exotic freshness in a bottle. The top note is a striking combination of teakwood, saffron and resin that brings an initial spiced up aroma to the perfume. With lily, rose and orris in the middle note, the perfume creates a subtle floral fragrance. For an intense and earthy end aroma, Al Naeem has blended its base note with amber, patchouli, and agarwood. Whether you are getting ready for a cocktail party or heading towards a corporate meeting, a single splash of Al Naeem will offer you the required confidence and splendour for the day.
Stimulating a magical essence, Khuld is a unique perfume fragrance by Afzal Premium. From the fragrance family of Oriental Woody, this perfume spray blends strong earthy ingredients that give this perfume its rich rustic aroma. The top note blends sandalwood and cedarwood that offers strong earthy scent. The strong aroma subdues with the emergence of the middle note that includes saffron, rose and nutmeg. The concoction of strong and mellow aroma continues in the base note that combines musk, balsamic, and resin. The infusion of strong ingredients offers a rich fragrance that lasts all day long. Afzal Premium Khuld is categorized as a night perfume, that can be adorned by both men and women. Just a splash of this perfume is all you need to feel regal and divine.
Afzal Premium Sharar is an alluring perfume variant. A strong rich concoction of exotic aroma gives this perfume variant a pleasant and rustic aroma. At first, you are greeted with a fresh fragrance of the first note that includes fruity, bergamot and pineapple. The middle note blends saffron, geranium, and violet that gives a burst of flowery fragrance. The base note is a combination of patchouli, nagarmotha, and amber that that leaves a pleasantly earthy aroma in the end. Whether you are looking to wear it on a daily basis or for a special occasion, Afzal Premium Sharar can be adorned anywhere and at any time of the day. From the fragrance family of Floral Woody, this premium perfume spray is suitable for both, men and women.
Creating a soothing fragrance with an amalgam of spicy and earthy ingredients, Najah is a luxurious perfume variant from Afzal Premium. Belonging to the Oriental family, Najah has infused some exotic spices and floral essences to create one of a kind fragrance. The top note soaked in saffron, clove and nutmeg gives a spicy kick to the initial aroma. Lilly, orris and jasmine are the floral elements from the middle note that perfectly produces a refreshing fragrance and subtly soothes the striking top note. The base note is dedicated to earthy components that together create a rustic end aroma. Amber, patchouli, agarwood and moss are those elements that are responsible for a strong, earthy and long lasting final fragrance.
A premium blend of fresh and pleasant ingredients, Afzal Premium Mudhakir is a perfume variant. This perfume variant belongs to the family of Floriental Woody. The top note of the perfume blends saffron and bergamot that gives a mellow citric scent. The middle note includes rose and muguet that subdues the citric scent and gives out a floral aroma. The base note combines spicy, sandalwood, amber, and patchouli, leaving a pleasant earthy fragrance in the end. Afzal Premium Mudhakir is the ideal perfume for daily wear. It is long-lasting and suitable for both, men and women alike. Blending each note with earthy and floral essences, Mudhakir is undoubtedly a luxurious perfume that you can prefer every time you step out. And a quick splash of is all you need to feel fresh and vivacious all day long.
Afzal Premium is known for its unique range of perfumes that focuses on creating bottles of fragrances that form exquisite aroma and lasts long. Ala Rasi, a luxurious perfume spray from Afzal Premium perfectly infuses earthy and subtle ingredients in each of its note. It belongs to the Oriental family that further makes it an ideal pick for getting a refreshing and soothing fragrance on the go. The top note comprises of three prime elements that are responsible for the subtle initial aroma. Guaicwood, vanilla and orris are those three components that make the top note a soothing concoction. Lilly rose and musk makes the middle note more floral and refreshing after the subtle top note. The base note again creates a rustic and soothing end aroma with sandalwood, cedarwood and oudh.
Dedicated to forming a strong and striking aroma within a single splash, Afzal Premium presents Amal, a sought after perfume spray for people of all ages. Amal abides by the Oriental Spicy lineage and infuses some aromatic spices and floral essences to create a unique fragrance that can captivate your senses. The top note is dominated by two spicy ingredients, clove and patchouli that prepares an initial striking scent for the perfume. Moving further, rose, jasmine and orris beautifully subtle that strong aroma with its blossoming fragrance. For a rustic and long lasting end aroma, the base note is composed of musk, sandalwood, amber and balsamic. The base note of these earthy elements perfectly balances the fragrance profile of the perfume and extends a rustic long-lasting odour.
Afzal Premium Aseel is a strong perfume variant that blends a wide range of exotic ingredients. The top note is a blend of orange and bergamot that gives the first splash of citric freshness. The second note brings a floral twist with a combination of rose, violet, and clove that exudes a flowery fragrance. The base note includes musk, amber, and cedarwood giving out a rustically pleasant aroma. This amalgamation of different ingredients gives this perfume spray a distinctive fragrance. Afzal Premium Aseel is a perfume variant from the family of oriental wood. This long-lasting perfume can be adorned by both, men and women on any occasion. Afzal Premium Aseel is a luxurious perfume variant that boosts your confidence and makes you feel elegant.
GULABE OUDH deodorant is an Arabic fragrance made for bold and the confident. Brace through the day with the rejuvenating and revitalizing deodorant made with Triclosan formula to beat the sweat in the summer season. If you are looking for long-lasting fragrance, this non-alcoholic deodorant is strong, lively and rich enough to keep you fresh, good and relaxed the whole day with its enhancing and stimulating effect. The woody and musky note of GULABE OUDH deodorant gives it warmth and depth that is appealing and enchanting at the same time.
LAYLATUL JUMA deodorant is an Arabic fragrance made for bold and the confident. Brace through the day with the rejuvenating and revitalizing deodorant made with Triclosan formula to beat the sweat in the summer season. If you are looking for long-lasting fragrance, this non-alcoholic deodorant is strong, lively and rich enough to keep you fresh, good and relaxed the whole day with its enhancing and stimulating effect. The woody and musky note of LAYLATUL JUMA deodorant gives it warmth and depth that is appealing and enchanting at the same time.
Have you ever found a fragrance that suits all your moods and taste? The OUDH AL ASWAD deodorant is one such exciting Arabic fragrance. This non-alcoholic deodorant is awe-inspiring and mesmerizing that lasts all day long with its dominating fragrance scent. The unique Triclosan formulation keeps sweat under check and lets you feel amazing and refreshing always. The special combination of notes like rose absolute, vetiver and lavender elevates your senses and lightens up your mood in stunning ways. The OUDH AL ASWAD deodorant is best for everyday use.
When was the last time you were challenged? This bold and heavy GOLDEN DUST deodorant is a popular Arabic fragrance that provokes the deepest emotions in an intense manner. This powerful deodorant with the Triclosan formula keeps the sweat at bay and it is ideal for strong characters with soft hearts just like its composition. The metallic woody top note is dense and the hint of oud presents an earthy aroma that ignites passion and the desire to succeed. Use this non-alcoholic deodorant of GOLDEN DUST and steal the attention at all occasions.
Thrive at occasions like parties, celebrations and night outs with the strong fragrance of MUKHALLAT OUDH deodorant. This Arabic fragrance is very sweet and charming yet not overwhelming. The tantalizing sweet notes of rose, patchouli and vetiver are in harmony surrounding you with a heavenly aroma that creates a sense of wonder and excitement. This non-alcoholic deodorant has the special Triclosan formula that controls sweat in the summer season and lets you feel clean, cool and confident. Drape yourself with the intense fragrance of MUKHALLAT OUDH and leave everyone awe-struck.
The pleasant fragrance of MUSK DIRHAM deodorant creates a soothing atmosphere which you can enjoy all day long. This exhilarating deodorant helps you beat the summer heat with the Triclosan formula which is really helpful for sweat control. The floral top note of Green hyacinth and the powdery and musky notes enliven and stimulate your senses. Feel the gentle breeze of the garden refreshing you, be calm and do what you do best with the non-alcoholic MUSK DIRHAM deodorant. Explore the long lasting and charming effect of best Arabic fragrance.
The exceptional and truly unique fragrance is not a myth. This exciting non-alcoholic MUKHALLAT ERUM deodorant has a distinct aroma that helps your keep us with the present day style and fashion. Stand out from the crowd or grab all the attention are not just jargons for this one of a kind deodorant. Composed of lavender, lemon, rose and complex woody notes, this amazing deodorant has Triclosan formula that helps in keeping sweat under control. The mesmerizing effect of MUKHALLAT ERUM deodorant is jaw-dropping and makes other say wow instantly. Wear the best of Arabic fragrance and stun others.
DEHENAL OUDH deodorant is a truly remarkable and desirable Arabic fragrance for summer with its unparalleled longevity and energy. This deodorant with Triclosan formulation for sweat control is a delightful and relaxing experience. The agar wood oud as the base note is known for its refreshing and rejuvenating characteristic which makes it the best choice for summer days. This lovely deodorant is known for creating a positive vibe that fills you with enthusiasm and life. Indulge yourself in the non-alcoholic deodorant of DEHENAL OUDH and enjoy the summer season.
If you want to make yourself irresistible at every occasion, the MUSK AMBER Arabic fragrance with its heavy and dense properties is perfect deodorant for you. This deodorant contains an exotic top note of Kewda and the unique mixture of attractive floral and earthy notes that create a tempting and inviting sensation. Increase your attraction quotient and entice others with the powerful and compelling scent of MUSK AMBER deodorant. This non-alcoholic deodorant with Triclosan formula and 200 ml packaging resists the sweat and makes you even more appealing.
Commit to the love of your life with the extravagant and royal Arabic fragrance of TAJ AL ARAB. This deodorant made up of choicest and most precious ingredients is a wonder that fascinates and captivates everyone around you. If you are going for a date or a romantic evening, this fragrance deodorant will surely mesmerize your love. The unique combination of floral and rosy top notes and woody and musky notes creates an aura of affection and intimacy which is unbelievable. The Triclosan formula used in TAJ AL ARAB is best for sweat control and it is a non-alcoholic deodorant.
Rich in oriental aromas, OUDH MISAL is a new age Arabic fragrance with sensuality at its core and highly seductive in nature. This non-alcoholic deodorant is like no other with its special Triclosan formula which keeps the sweat under control and makes the opposite sex fall for you instantly. The citrusy and zesty top notes of lime and saffron and the blend of gorgeous rose and sandalwood as other notes evoke the deepest passions and brings your enriched personality to the fore. Spray the OUDH MISALI deodorant on you and attract others in romantic ways.
This bold and beautiful ABIYAD MUSK deodorant is a modern fragrance which combines agar wood and sandalwood as its top notes followed by the precious lemon and exotic lavender as other notes. The charming and alluring effect is magical and it is certain to get you compliments. This Arabic fragrance is non-alcoholic with the Triclosan formula for sweat control making it the best deodorant for summer use. The intense and heavy hitting fragrance lets you feel refreshed and lively at all occasions. Turn heads with the loud and lasting effect of ABIYAD MUSK deodorant.
Engulf yourself with the uplifting Arabic fragrance of SAFFRON OUDH deodorant. This sweet and fruity deodorant with mystical balsamic top notes is like a treasure to feel luxurious and rich. The Triclosan formulation used in this non-alcoholic deodorant helps in sweat control and the long-lasting effect of the fragrance is wonderful and enthralling. In this excluisve Arabic scent, middle notes are comprised of vivacious jasmine and orange blossom which are delightfully sumptuous. This elegant SAFFRON OUDH deodorant has the warmth of vanilla as a base note which senses like a lavish treat when sprayed on the body.
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