Parallel, a premium perfume range from the house of Lyla Blanc, London presents Parallel Black, that promises a splash of aromatic citrusy fragrance with great sweat control. Each note comprises of some citrusy and earthy elements that help in preparing a unique concoction of refreshing and long lasting fragrance. Though placed in the category of luxury perfumes, Parallel Black can be used as an everyday perfume for a refreshing and long lasting freshness. The top note is prepared with a blend of citrus, lemon, bergamot and pomegranate that offers a citrusy and long lasting initial aroma. Rose, peony, jasmine, and orange blossom are the floral essences that make up the floral middle note of the perfume. The base note is an earthy blend of sandalwood, moss, musk and amber that contributes to the rustic and earthy end aroma.
An offering by Club, Yellow EDP is an aromatic cologne with a sweet flowery fragrance. Coming from the Sweet Chypre family, Yellow EDP from the house of Lyla Blanc is a perfume with a floral scent that lasts long. Each note of yellow EDP brings together some earthy and floral elements to offer a blossoming freshness and great sweat control. This classic fragrance has a blend of Citrus and Jasmine for the top note that gives away a citrusy initial aroma. A combination of Rose, Tuberose and Freesia contribute to the middle note, which enhances the floral quotient of the perfume. Sandalwood, Patchouli and Amber in the final note offer a soothing woody finish to the fragrance. The citrusy and floral essences of Yellow EDP make it an ideal pick for long-lasting and earthy freshness.
PASSION deodorant is an exciting fragrance crafted by the perfume architects for daily use. The fascinating melange of top notes consist of apple, melon and cucumber followed by the ever charming floral notes like white flowers creating an enchanting experience of freshness and coolness throughout the day. The attractive and appealing base notes of amber and sandal makes you feel lovely and charming, attracting attention from unknown and the known. This sophisticated deodorant with the Triclosan formulation is effective for sweat control and can be applied on all occasions. Make him fall for you with the mesmerizing and irresistible fragrance of PASSION deodorant.
Change the world with the empowering fragrance deodorant of WILD FLOWER. Wear the exciting fragrance and challenge the norms. This exclusive deodorant for women is one dynamic scent. The floral and fruity top notes followed by captivating and superb middle note of gourmand evokes an aura of sophistication, intelligence and elegance all mixed together presenting an amazing you to the world. The powerful and eclectic base note of musk makes you feel brilliant, lively and energetic all day along with the long-lasting freshness due to Triclosan formula used for controlling sweat. This WILD FLOWER deodorant demonstrates the distinct qualities of modern women.
It is impossible for women to go outside without using a deodorant. What you look for in a good deodorant is the characteristics of scent that matches with your personality. ULTRAVIOLET deodorant with the fresh and tangy top notes of plum, peach and citrus followed by the pleasant and stunning middle notes of orchid and mimosa that makes it an impressive feminine fragrance scent that defines the modern women of today. The uplifting and lively base notes of amber and vetiver expresses the sensual nature and the incomparable freshness that engulfs you. Triclosan formula of ULTRAVIOLET deodorant negates the sweat problem and makes this fragrance best for daily use.
The LAVENDER MIST with the formulation of Triclosan is tough on sweat and your go-to deodorant for the summer season. This deodorant with wonderful and scintillating top notes of armoise and citrus when combined with the prized and precious middle notes of lavendin and fougere creates an aura of elegance, beauty and adds charm to your already majestic personality. The marvelous base notes of sandalwood and oakmoss dominated by woody fragrance scent engulfs you with the delightful and charming effect of this deodorant and makes you the envy for others. Be stylish and be awesome all the time with the appealing scent of LAVENDER MIST deodorant.
If you are all about grace and gentleness, then VOYAGE deodorant for women is the perfect blend of fun and fruity top notes of orange and red berry followed by refreshing and scintillating middle notes of floral and green that amplifies your already elegant personality. This stylish and elegant base notes of wood and musk refreshes, revitalizes and makes you feel cool and confident in the hot summer days and never lets you down. Its longevity and freshness are truly distinct than other scents. The VOYAGE deodorant uses Triclosan formula to resist the sweat due to summer heat and lets you enjoy the day.
Be the enchantress with FLEUR-ESSENCE deodorant. The alluring and sumptuous top notes of parma violet, cassis and hawthrone creates a magical feminine fragrance followed by the elegant and sumptuous middle notes of orange flower and rose which are mystical in nature making you the centre of attraction and the heartthrob of him. The rich and seductive combination of base notes like vanilla, opoponax makes this powerful deodorant a truly special one for women with romantic undertones. The FLEUR-ESSENCE deodorant evokes the senses of everyone around and grabs the attention of all like no other deodorant. It is full of beauty and charm and resists the sweat with the special Triclosan formula
A spritz of GLAMOUR deodorant is all you need to feel awesome the whole day. This celestial fragrance with thrilling top notes of orange, raspberry and neroli when combined with the effervescent middle notes of jasmine and gardenia gives a top of the world feeling and a mood to enjoy each moment daily. The confidence, style and glamour go higher up with the sweet and distinct fragrance base notes of honey and patchouli. The thrill seeker in you is awakened and you feel the fresh, clean and seductive nature of this exhilarating GLAMOUR deodorant with a unique Triclosan formula for sweat control. This pleasant deodorant can be used for all occasions.
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