Ekoz Runway W Perfume For Women 100 Ml

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Product Code: RUNWAY-W
This is delicious, lively, charming, sexy, feminine and edgy. Runway Women is a lush, sweet floral oriental enriched with vanilla, tinged with juices of purple fruit, and sprinkled with a generous pinch of energizing pepper. It’s not heavy on the woods, it’s fruity without being obnoxiously so, it has a freshness to it…and more importantly, it focuses more on the florals (roses and neroli) and vanilla. It’s extroverted and youthful in spirit for sure, but the florals in it make it feminine and sophisticated enough for the 30+ gals, A great choice for clubbing, parties, or nights out and about in the city. It can also work as a ‘day to night’ sort of scent. Excellent longevity and sillage, Wearable almost all year round, and perfect for balmy summer evenings.

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